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Good News from Pioneer Vending

We've all had a lot thrown at us over the last couple of years. It appears, however, that speaking regularly to many of our clients reveals that they are holding up very well indeed and that really is excellent news for them, us and the wider economy. We're also delighted that Pioneer Vending continues to maintain its large customer base and broaden it by adding hundreds of new customers.

By offering excellent customer service and possessing the ability to supply, when perhaps others haven't, has been key to that continued success. We have our imitators as any successful business will. There are vending companies out there that seek to replicate, they copy and paste from our website, monitor our prices and so forth. What they can't do is mimic our mindset at Pioneer Vending because we genuinely care and pay attention to detail. Whether a client is ordering one case of coffee or two pallets of chocolate, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied. Offering exceptional service is paramount to us and that is set to continue.

To assist us in that goal we're happy to announce that some supply issues are due to be rectified. Whilst provision of our in-cup range has remained absolutely constant throughout the pandemic, our 12oz Drinks To Go range has at times suffered with some items becoming unavailable. We are now extremely optimistic that by the end of January this will be resolved, all 12oz Drinks To Go should be in stock. Good News all around, we hope you'll agree.