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Every Small Business should have a Small Vending Machine

No matter what size your business, a vending machine is a necessity. Larger companies have always known this, but smaller businesses seem to be missing out on the opportunity to not only save money, but also increase productivity.

Most small firms understand that having a vending machine can eliminate the time wasted whilst their employees gather around for a chat waiting for the kettle to boil, wash cups and mugs or disappear to the shops to replenish supplies of milk which usually gone off. They also realise that the mess created by the relatively simple task of making coffee or tea, spilled milk and sugar etc, is at best an eyesore.

The misconception held by some is that vending is for the "big boys" and unaffordable. It's not. You don't need a huge free standing machine seen in sports centres and the like, small inexpensive tabletop vending machines are available to buy or rent. These machines use incup drinks which, as the name suggests, are pre-packed in the cup (exact cost control) and foil wrapped in sleeves. Simply remove foil wrapper and slot the sleeve of drinks into the corresponding selection in the vending machine. There is virtually no cleaning required. No loose ingredients to spill, no canisters or bowls to clean.

More importantly you do this yourself. No management fee to a vending company for cleaning and filling. You decide on the price that you wish to vend drinks for, make a profit or break even. Some businesses don't even charge for drinks. Why? Because they know that valuable time is no longer being wasted, staff can go to the machine, quickly obtain a drink and get back to what they're actually being paid for. Of course employees also like the machine because now they have a choice. Instead of just coffee or tea they can now also enjoy chocolate, soup, cappuccino, latte etc.

Let's not forget the all important customers who may be visiting you or perhaps buying from your trade counter. Offer them a free, quality drink of their choice. They'll appreciate it and you can get on with building a relationship with them and ultimately selling your good and services.