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You Don't Need To Sacrifice Quality To Save On Vending

Two factors that can prevent a business seeking a better deal for their vending needs are concerns regarding quality and service.

Companies believe that to begin saving money by finding a new vending supplier, they will have to sacrifice service levels and suffer a reduction in the quality of their drinks.

Fortunately if they choose the right supplier their concerns are unfounded. Most vending companies supply the same goods especially with regard vending ingredients. We all buy Nescafe Gold Blend from Nescafe whilst similarly Cadburys Drinking Chocolate is purchased from Cadburys. It is what it says on the box. Pack sizes are always the same. So all you, the customer, have to be concerned with is the price. Exactly the same as buying a Samsung LCD T.V.- Pay £250 from a high street retailer or the exact same model from Amazon for £199.

A further example can be found with Incup drinks  which are pre-packed ingredients in the cup. They are used in an incup vending machine, with a hot tap on a water machine or simply hot water added from a boiler or kettle. There are numerous manufacturers. Standards can vary, but the quality is extremely high of those that are branded. The reason being that drinks are packed under license which are issued by the various brands and as such are strictly regulated. If the drink is supposed to have 1.3 grams of coffee in it then the packer must adhere to this or risk loosing the right to use branding on his packaging. Take the incup drinks supplied by Pioneer Vending,  in addition to ensuring that licenses are held as described, they are also packed in conditions approved by the BRC to Grade A Food Standard (Supermarket Quality). Why pay £35 or £50 a case when you can enjoy the same product for £25?

Of course service is one thing that can't always be guaranteed. In my own business, Pioneer Vending, we are committed to offering the best service possible. I realised many years ago that you may not necessarily retain customers through giving them excellent service, but one thing is for sure, you will definitely loose them if your service levels are poor. Amazingly not all companies seem concerned with this.

Personally I loose sleep if I feel we haven't delivered on service because I know that we may have jeopardised the ongoing business relationship with that customer. We are agressive in our ambition to gain new clients but even more so in ensuring that we keep them. We have some customers that have been with us since Pioneer Vending started over 20 years ago, let's face it they wouldn't be if it wasn't for exceptional service and value for money.