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Speciality Coffee Machines

Pioneer Vending offer Coffee machines for the preparation of high quality speciality drinks - Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Frothy Chocolate, Espresso, Cafe au Lait. Use either instant (soluble) or Bean to Cup.

Speciality drinks machines are extremely popular and can be seen almost everywhere. Pioneer Vending supply a range to suit all sizes of business. They are all programmable, compact and offer a full menu of speciality drinks.....for example, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Espresso.

If you require an instant quotation you will find a link under each machine. Simply click it and you will access all the information and prices required to either view or print.

Pioneer Vending offer you:

  • Initial 12 Months Warranty on parts.
  • Delivery to site and Installation are included in the prices.
  • National service and support.
  • A machine to suit every type and size of business.
  • Purchase or Lease Rental.
  • Supply of Top Branded, competitively priced Vending Ingredients for your chosen machine.

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Optional Extras

Base Service Cabinet

Sets the machine at the right height and is lockable for storage of spare ingredients.

  • Price - £335.00*
  • 5 Year Lease Rental - £1.80* per week (If added to original cost of machine)
  • Free Delivery To Site

The Genesis, Sienna, Venetian and Roma can be coin operated. For the Sienna a Electronic coin mechanism is available. The Roma has an option to fit a Full Change Giving Mechanism.

Electronic Coin Mech

Accepts all coins.

  • Price - £170.00*
  • 5 Year Lease Rental -  £0.95* per Week (If added to original cost of machine)
  • Free delivery to site

Change Giving Coin Mech

Accepts all coins and gives change.

  • Price - £495.00*
  • 5 Year Lease Rental - £2.65* per week (If added to original cost of machine)
  • Free delivery to site

Hygiene Kit

Contains full set of mixing chambers, paddles, hoses, nozzles to exchange whilst cleaning.

  • Price - £68.00*

Installation & Servicing

All service and installation is carried out by our factory trained engineers nationwide.

Speciality coffee machines require a 13amp socket. If to be connected to mains water supply a 1/2" stop tap (cold water) within a few feet of the machine is needed.  A hose for connection is supplied with the equipment. We do not undertake any plumbing or electrical work with regard installation of machines. Installation includes connection, setting up and demonstration of the equipment.

Initial 12 Months Warranty on Parts. Call out charge is £75.00*. Our engineers are fully trained and have many years of experience, time spent repairing a machine is kept to the absolute minimum. After 12 months a charge for parts will be made if required.

* All prices quoted on this page are subject to VAT. Lease prices are weekly equivalents, based on a 5 year lease rental payable quarterly by direct debit. (3 Year Lease Rental prices available upon request)